I go to a public school and learning during a pandemic has been one of the greatest difficulties I have yet to encounter. My school has taken away the option to do remote learning as of January and while things in this small town may feel closer to “normal”. This is only making the problem worse. We are told to wear masks and sanitize our working areas but 60% of students will walk through the crowded halls with their masks under their noses. People will make excuses as to why COVID-19 isn’t real and will ignore statistics and death rates. While some of the information about covid-19 could be incorrect. Taking off masks and treating this virus as a joke is not the answer.

The one thing I can truly thank this virus for is my ability to educate myself. Before March I never found interest in politics, I knew and understood I was a woman and a minority and i truly believed my voice didn’t matter. However over the course of my quarantine experience, watching buildings go in flames over the black lives matter riots, hearing stories of children in cages in immigration centers. I realized my place as a U.S citizen. I realized I am one of few of my people that can vote and have a voice without fearing for my life.

Growing up I was taught discrimination was normal and being a racist was just “having a sense of humor”. When people told me to go back home I didn’t understand the depths of their words. Now this discrimination is costing people their lives.

I am young and I have a lot to learn but I will continue to educate myself and I hope some of you will enjoy the progress with me.